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Evidence-based, Digital Therapy tools.

Swasth helps you grow your practice by providing you with tools that are simple and effective. By reviewing your clients' behavioral health data in real-time you can better tailor your treatment approach. Schedule appointments, assign homework and assessments, secure client chat and teletherapy all via a secure HIPAA-compliant platform.

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97% of our clinicians would recommend Swasth for Clinicians to another Provider.

A comprehensive platform

Upgrade your behavioral health practice with a comprehensive platform that helps you get organized and engage better with more clients effectively.

Multiple Evidence-based Therapy Apps

As you know therapy is not one size fits all. Get your clients access to Swasth's suite of evidence-based therapy apps based on the treatment modality. With each of these apps clients can access an extensive library of digital therapy tools, including lessons, therapy specific exercises and with hours of guided psychoeducation and content using videos and fun animations.

Better insights with 360-deg view of clients

Better insights with 360-deg view of clients

Real-time access to your clients’ actionable behavioral health data, including mood, emotions, diary card entries, exercises, practices, activities, clinical assessment results etc. The ability to track progress over time allows you to tailor treatments specific to the client's needs.

Outcome measurement using Assessments

Monitor your clients' progress by assigning them paperless assessments. The platform scores these automatically. You can decide the type of assessment (PHQ-9, GAD-7 etc.) and the frequency. Also, your clients can submit these using the mobile app.

Appointment scheduling

Organize your schedule with our intuitive appointments feature. You can schedule appointments in advance for in-person appointment or teletherapy. Also send push notification reminders to your clients to increase attendance rates and reduce no-shows and cancellations.

Engage better with clients

Assign homework, practice ideas, meditations and activities for your clients to do at home. You clients can complete them using Swasth's mobile apps and share their data that you can see in real time.

Remote consultations

Using our HIPAA compliant high definition teletherapy you can offer remote consultations for clients who cannot meet you physically. You can also communicate with your clients using our secure chat, answer questions etc.

Reach more Clients

List your profile on Swasth's therapist directory and also get preferred listing for your specialties. Further, you get listed on top of search results if you are a swasth for clinicians user. By offering remote consultations we help you grow your practice.

Swasth for Clinicians is Safe. Secure. Trusted & HIPAA Compliant.

Only platform to support multi-modality evidence-based treatment.

Get your clients to access to tools that make a difference. Our users love these apps and use them daily to manage their behavioral health.

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